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What is KMorph? Here You find out!





KMorph is a morphological analyzer for Arabic words, that is capable of analyzing a word and returning its prefix, stem, suffix, triliteral root and meaning. It is also capable of morphological generation, i.e. generating inflected word forms, given the prefix, stem and suffix. KMorph is an integral part of KIndexer and Dawwarly.

In addition to traditional morphological analysis, we have added a word semantic identifier to KMorph, which allows the detection of teh meanings of Arabic words. This makes our search engine Dawwarly, not only a morphological search, but a morpho-semantic search on the word level! This is the value proposition it provides over any existing Arabic search engines.

KMorph may also be integrated into third party products in order to provide Arabic morpho-semantic search; for example, it may be integrated (embedded) into existing internet search engines that do not support Arabic linguistic features.

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