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Dawwarly Search Tool

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Dawwarly Search Tool




Arabic is like no other Language!

Arabic has a unique beauty, poetry and logic. Yet, it is not possible to make easy and meaningful searches in Arabic through standard internet search engines – until now!


Why can't you make easy Searches in Arabic?

Traditional search engines used for English, are deficient in searching through Arabic text. The reason stems from the complexity of Arabic morphology. While an English word typically has five or six inflections - changes in the form of the word giving it extra meaning - Arabic words can have up to 10,000 inflections. The morphology of a language is a basic component in the way search engines operate. In order to conduct proper online search on Arabic text, it is thus necessary to process the text according to Arabic language’s own morphology.


Are there any Search Tools which suit Arabic?

Yes! We give you Dawwarly (which means "Search-for-me") – The Arabic Search Tool by alKhawarizmy!

Dawwarly is a search tool capable of indexing and searching through Arabic websites, documents on intranets, as well as Arabic eBooks. Dawwarly uses a fast Arabic morphological analyzer which allows the user to search for all Arabic word inflections, using morphological rules ("Morphological Search"). In order to ensure the accuracy of each search, Dawwarly also processes text through the meaning of each word.

Included in Dawwarly is a fast and efficient indexer which is capable of indexing Arabic words in documents and databases using morphological rules, as well as indexing the word form "as is", for words of non-Arabic origin.



Dawwarly can find all the inflected forms of an Arabic word. It also allows the user to search for words related to a particular meaning, by selecting that meaning, and then displays the relevant search results. The following outlines the main features of Dawwarly:

  • Arabic Morphological Search:
    If a user were to search for the word "اجتماع" (meeting), the search results would contain various inflected forms, such as "اجتمع" ([he] met), "يجتمعون" ([they] meet), etc. Traditional engines that do not have morphological search might, at most, retrieve words that have "اجتماع" (a meeting) as part of the word, such as "اجتماعهم" ([their] meeting), "واجتماع" ([and] a meeting).
  • Differentiation between Word Meanings:
    If there is more than one meaning to an input query word, the user may choose the meaning he wishes to search for. The search results will largely contain the inflected forms of the word, that belong to that meaning. This helps reduce the redundancy that results from morphological search only.
  • Search Words are highlighted in the Results Pages:
    This is very important for Arabic, in particular, as it relieves the user of having to additionally search for all the inflected forms of a search word on a page; the lack of this feature would render the search system useless.
  • The Arabic Dictionary that supports Dawwarly is a comprehensive Dictionary of contemporary Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic):
    That includes up-to-date words used in the various media. This dictionary is based upon the published dictionary "A Dictionary of the Contemporary Arabic Language", by Prof. Ahmed Mokhtar Omar, the late renowned Arabic lexicographer.
  • Comprehensive Index Management:
    The indexing system includes comprehensive index management, that allows a user to divide groups of documents or web pages into separate indexes, for flexible management. The system also provides the capability of deleting, updating and merging indexes, as well as the deletion/addition of files or folders from/to indexes, respectively.
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